Help to understanding with hardware requirements of streaming

I can’t understand some of key features of hardware capacity for streaming in 4K.

Listen to some of YouTube Tips (Live encoder settings, bitrates, and resolutions):

First: Bitrate, Framerate in 4K.
I used NVEncC (x64) 4.23 (r939) by rigaya for getting more information of my 1080Ti and I can see that my GPU supports UHD resolution, color depth format, chroma subsampling format, etc… but, I’m not sure that 1080Ti supports 60hz at 4K encodig, and even if it will be supported I don’t know wich bitrate will be used with this framerate.

Second: levels
As I said before, YouTube requires codec level as 5.2. But in NVEncC log I see that Max Level wich 1080Ti supports is a 51(so I understand that its as 5.1). And for other GPUs, including new Turing. They’ve same levels(5.1) in their h.264 codec profiles.

But 5.1 level not guarants 60hz framerate at 4K encoding… as I understand…

Question: Can I streaming from my dedicated farm in 3840*2160@60 or not? If yes, told what hardware I must to use. If not, told why?)

p.s. I don’t told about more effectivity h.265 because YT streaming doesn’t support it.
p.s.s. Know, that I use Elgato 4KPro for getting video signal from my gaming PC. So, streaming machine it’s dedicated farm.

1080 Ti does not support H.264 4K streaming at 60 fps.