Help - weird unspecified driver error with CUDA 2.2

Having upgraded from CUDA 2.0 to CUDA 2.2, I now get a strange runtime error.

When I call cudaMalloc3DArray, I get a return value of 10500: unspecified driver error. In CUDA 2.0 this works OK. My calls to CUDA are within a COM object that is running as a service.

The weird thing is that when I try to reproduce this in a standalone example, it works fine. I create a new service, make the same calls, everything works great. So I am thinking this could be some weird build / dll issue. I checked that the correct version of cudart.dll is getting loaded. I can’t think what else to try. This is really grinding me down…


There’s a similar thread on this 10500 error (search the forum for it), its not one of the possible CUDA_ERROR return values and personally I don’t know what to make of it. I got this for doing a 2D memcpy it only happens when a certain thread type calls this unmanaged code from C# the other times the same method works just fine, whenever other threads call the same method everything also works fine, I assume something about this thread or the way the unmanaged DLL is invoked doesn’t let it work with CUDA but I have no idea what or where this could be or where to look to for answers.

Hope this is addressed some time soon is all I can say, grinding dow…n… a…l…s…o.

I’m experiencing the same problem with getting error 10500 when calling to CUDA from service :(.
Have you solved the problem? What was the soltuion?