help! windows update required

The PGI accelarator workstation installer startup failed and system prompts “windows update required”(KB 2999226) ,but the update had been installed in my system. And I reinstalled the update, it still failed. Anyone know how solve it?[/img]

The k999226 message means you are too late.

  1. uninstall the windows 10 SDK

  2. uninstall the PGI installation.

  3. Go to Start->Programs->Windows Updates
    and install all recommended updates. This will
    properly install the k999226 update with whatever
    else it needs.

  4. install Win10 SDK

  5. Install the PGI compilers.


Thank u for your reply, and I’ve followed these steps, but it doesn’t work.

‘Doesn’t Work’ tells me nothing. What fails?

Is there information in the C:\Program Files\PGI\flexlm\license.log

If using PGI Visual Fortran, try running the compilers
manually by opening
Start->Programs->PGI Visual Fortran->Command Shell(64)

and in that window compile a real program.

If using the Win64 products, what happens when you compile a
simple file (in a folder you can write in).


I’m sorry I didn’t express it clearly. I mean the installer still launched failed though I followed the steps as you said.
The version of the operating system of mine is win7_professional, do I need to upgrade the sysytem to win10?

The exact nature of the installation failure is what we need to know.

What Microsoft or Installshield error message did you see?


  1. Make sure %SystemRoot%\system32;SystemRoot%\System32\Wbem is in the System Path environment variable

  2. If win 10 SDK is installed correctly, there must be a directory similar to this:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\Include
    should have a file called “10.0.10586.0”

if not, directly install Win 10 SDK again.

The 16.7 release is due shortly. This (installing Win10 SDK on Win7) works better there.


Hi, Dave
I added the two system paths above to environment variable and then the installer could be launched correctly without the prompt “windows upgrate required”.
Thank u very much.


That is good news. These transitions to new versions of Windows are sure
a lot of fun.

Your patience and persistence is appreciated.