help with cudaDeocded3d9

friends i need help reagrding the code cudaDecoded3d9.

  1. where will i get the output and how to save the output.
  2. my code exits out at :
    if (initCudaResources(argc, argv, g_bInterop, bTCC) == E_FAIL) {
    g_bAutoQuit = true;
    g_bException = true;
    g_bWaived = true;
    goto ExitApp;

i dont now wat wrong i am doing , can some1 please help . i am passing parameter as "-decodecuda -nointerop -bubbles_Encoded.264 " where bubbles_Encoded.264 is the encoded file obtained from cudaEncode code.
is am doing anything wrong?

  1. if i don’t use ‘-nointerop’ then too code exits out at “cuD3D9CtxCreate(&g_oContext, &g_oDevice, CU_CTX_BLOCKING_SYNC, g_pD3DDevice)” as this fails.

thanks in advance.

I GOT IT WOKING…i just downloaded all the updated version of toolkit and SDK kit and reinstalled it…it works…

but i still did’nt get how to sve the output…can any 1 guide me…