help with installing CUDA onto my GPU?

Not very PC parts-savvy so this might be a noob question, but i just installed Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019. Apparently CUDA will make my rendering better and faster, and i always get notified that my GPU isnt compatible with CUDA 9.2 every time i start it up.

I’ve been researching all day about it so that i can change my ‘Renderer’ to CUDA. Found a few solutions that seems like it might work but worried it might mess up my GPU or something.

(photos show the compatibility report, and the two ways ive found to “install” CUDA onto my drivers) – the NVIDIA one says “overwrites current Display Driver”

so basically im worried that i might mess my PC/GPU or somethhing, especially when it says that it will overwrite my display drivers? ive googled what that is but should i be worried that my original display drivers will be replaced? i usually just use my PC for normal browsing, normal use and sometimes video games and for video editing, will it affect anything other than being able to render faster and better?

and if all is well, what options should i click for the installment process?