Help with Setting Up VST API Authorization/Authentication


I’m currently working on configuring a VST API service, and I’m seeking guidance on how to set up authorization and authentication for its API access properly. My goal is to ensure secure access to the vst API endpoints.

Here’s a brief overview of the current settings related to security in my configuration (in JSON format):

    "use_https": true,
    "use_rtsp_authentication": false,
    "use_http_digest_authentication": false,
    "use_multi_user": false,
    "enable_user_cleanup": false,
    "session_max_age_sec": 2592000,
    "multi_user_extra_options": ["Secure", "SameSite=none"]

From the above configuration, it’s clear that HTTPS is enabled for secure communication. However, I am unsure how to proceed with setting up more granular access control, such as API key-based authentication, OAuth, or any other mechanism supported by VST.

I have a few specific questions:

  1. API Key Authentication: Can API key-based authentication be implemented for accessing the VST API? If so, how can I configure it?
  2. User Authentication and Authorization: How can I enable and manage user authentication? Does VST support OAuth or any other user authentication protocols?
  3. Additional Security Measures: Are there other security measures or settings I should consider to enhance the authorization/authentication mechanisms for VST API access?

I would greatly appreciate any documentation, advice, or examples from the community or the NVIDIA team on how to set up these security measures. Ensuring secure and authorized access to the VST API is a priority for my project, and any help on this matter would be incredibly helpful.

I will check internally and feedback here.

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Thank you for your response.
I’ve tried to test with the settings. I set up the use_http_digest_authentication and I see the htpasswd file in the vst-volume/data but I don’t know how I can change the default one. It seems that now by default the login/pass is admin:admin

VST expects that users provide their own .htpasswd file. If no htpasswd file is present VST creates one with default values, i.e. admin admin

To change refer below steps :

Thank you the solution works

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