Hemispheric/Spheric view edge BUG?

Hello, I am still studying OptiX.
I think that I am not smart and know little about the context of Optix.
This is not my area of ​​expertise, so forgive me my idiot questions.

Unfortunately, I still have a question about the SDK sample.

in the “optixTutorials - tutorial11.cu”, I added a variable in the closest-hit program. And I modified from Spheric view to Hemi-spheric view.

Later, I printed a variables.
It looked smooth. But when the hit point hit the edge, the value of the variable caused an error.

I wonder if this is my simple mistake or not.
I wonder if anyone else has experienced this.

Another question is, noise was not removed when I started the basic light on the Objact surface. I also wonder if other people have experienced this.

Hi msseo,

What was the error you got?

Will you share your code modification so we can see what happened?

Also are you on OptiX 6, or an earlier version?

I don’t understand your noise question. Noise is never removed automatically. If you are expecting the denoiser to run, have a look at how to do that in the optixDenoiser SDK sample.


Sorry, I’m late.
I’m sorry for my late reply.

It may be my problem that I am wrong. But I don’t know if it is.

I will ask this question if I have studied more and I have questions later on.

I had another question, but I was able to solve the question.
However, because I could not delete the topic, I modified the question that I usually had.

Sorry to bother you and thank you for your kindness.