Hermes - Wildfire Detection using NVIDIA Jetson and Ryze Tello

Hey everyone. So I decided to build an application powered by the Jetson series of devices to power Wildfire detection. I have used this as my submission for Jetson AI Specialist.

Hermes Application consists of two parts. An Intelligent Video Analytics Pipeline powered by Deepstream and NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX and a reconnaissance drone, for which I have used a Ryze Tello.

I have trained a YOLOv3 model to detect fire and plugged it into Deepstream with the help of a custom parser.

You can run the application on videos/RTSP streams or if you happen to have a drone, you can run the application on its stream and control the drone using the jetson device. :)

Here’s the code - GitHub - aj-ames/Hermes-Deepstream: Hermes is a Wildfire detection system that utilizes Computer Vision and is accelerated using NVIDIA Deepstream

Here’s an extensive post -

And finally, here’s the application in action -

Hope you guys like it!


Hi @akash.james, thanks for posting - great work! Hope this can help to fight the outbreaks of wildfires.

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