HEVC Constant Frame Rate

I’m trying to use the NVENC library to record videos in HEVC format (not h264), but am seeing that the produced files are being reported as Variable Frame Rate which is more difficult to edit afterwards. I see that there’s an ‘enableVFR’ flag defaulting to true in the h264 encoding config, but not a similar one in the hecv encoding config.

Is this a limitation of the HEVC format or is there a setting I’m missing to produce Constant Frame Rate video? If the former, I would love if someone could point me to an FFMPEG command that would rewrite the metadata of a produced video such that it is reported as Constant Framerate while leaving the actual contents of each frame intact (not re-encoding/losing any image data).

Do you use mp4 container to have normal timestamps?

How VFR is the video? Very?

Timestamps seemed fine and I was filling in dropped frames myself - the videos would have a resulting FPS of like 30.0000027.

The solution I ended up with was to run FFMPEG after recording using +genpts -r 30 ... -c:v copy ... which made the output flagged as CFR.