HEVC multiview coding on Xavier NX?

Hey folks,

I read recently on the datasheet that the Xavier NX has hardware encoders and decoders which supports multiview en/decoding for HEVC. This is something I would like to test out for stereoscopic footages.

However, it doesn’t seem like the example programs in the Jetson Multimedia API has an option for this, nor did I find any documents regarding this in the API reference.

So I just wanted to ask is there a simple way to enable MVC by just modifying the source code of the video en/decode example? Or if not, is there any docs I can refer to in order to implement this?

Thanks! :)

Please share which datasheet mentions MVC is supported in HEVC. There is no implementation for the function. Probably the description in the datasheet is not correct. We would need to review the content again.

Thanks for the info! What about MVC in H.264? Is there an implementation for that?

I found the datasheet in Jetson download center. It’s the Jetson Xavier NX System-on-Module Data Sheet ver. 1.6. MV/MVC is listed in both of the table on page 15.

On L4T releases, we have software implementation for single 4K encoding, multi-instance 1080p encoding. However, there is no complete implementation for multiview encoding. Please note this.

For software features, please take a look at

Since you mentioned there’s no complete implementation, are there any plans for the near future to implement the MVC?

Sorry for the endless questions, I really appreciated your timely response! Thanks again!

Currently there is no plan to support multiview use-cases. We would focus on single-video-plane sources such as IP cameras or common video files.

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