[HEVC] Tier and Tiles features


  1. Does HEVC encoder on Jetson TX1 supports Main and High Tier?
  2. Does HEVC enocder on Jetson TX1 supports Tiles configurability?

If someone has used the above HEVC feauters. Please let me know.


Hi durgeshmn,

  1. Supported. What is the level/tier in your usecase?
  2. Not supported.

Hi DaneLLL,

Thank you for the response.
We were planning for 4K@60 at around 50mbps before, for which we need to use level 5.1 and High tier. But as the encoders dont support 4k@60 we are yet to discuss on this.


Hi durgeshmn,
Please set the level in /etc/enctune.conf
IMinQP 5
IMaxQP 30
PMinQP 10
PMaxQP 51
QualityLevel high
level 41

The definition:
H265_LevelIdc_10 = 30,
H265_LevelIdc_20 = 60,
H265_LevelIdc_21 = 63,
H265_LevelIdc_30 = 90,
H265_LevelIdc_31 = 93,
H265_LevelIdc_40 = 120,
H265_LevelIdc_41 = 123,
H265_LevelIdc_50 = 150,
H265_LevelIdc_51 = 153,
H265_LevelIdc_52 = 156,
H265_LevelIdc_60 = 180,
H265_LevelIdc_61 = 183,
H265_LevelIdc_62 = 186,

H265_MainTier = 0,
H265_HighTier = 1,

The last bit is for setting main or high tier. For your case level 5.1 high tier, you should set level = (153<<1)+1 = 307

Hi DaneLLL,

Thanks for the settings.
We will try the above settings and will update you.

Thanks and regards,

Hi DaneLLL,

Does HEVC encoder on Jetson TX1 support encoding a frame as multiple tiles? (The number of tiles as such may be fixed and not configurable by the user.

Hi Sagar, we have confirmed multiple tiles are not supported.

Hi Dane,

Can you confirm if tiles are available on regular NVENC encoding of HEVC for Pascal level GPU’s? It would be quite advantageous in parallelizing decode.


Hi piezas,
Are you asking for tegra TX2 or desktop GPU?

i’m sorry I zigged to desktop in case there was a difference. Yes, desktop. If not available on TX, then is it supported in the larger class GPU’s?

Hi piezas,
It is not supported on TX2 also. For infomation about desktop GPU, please go to https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/board/98/linux/

Thanks. I’ve jumped to the other forum. Hopefully they have something.