HEVC tile support ? NVENC nvidia SDK

Hi Experts,

I want to use tile based HEVC encoding using NVIDIA SDK .
I didn’t found any config setting for tiles in SDK code.
is their any plan to support tiles in HEVC ?


Unfortunately, NVENC hardware across all generations don’t support tile-based encoding.

But we’ll take your feedback into consideration.

Ryan Park


Our company made 8K HEVC encoder using several RTX8000. However, NVENC does not support tile encoding. When will the tile encoding include in the NVENC SDK? My client wants your NVENC SDK update schedule.

Sang woo Jung


Let me clarify.

The NVENC engine present in any of the shipping NVIDIA GPUs does not support tile-based encoding. We need hardware to support this feature first. We will keep this feedback in mind when planning for future hardware.