Hi 3 questions

Im guessing the jetson nano is not discontinued. There was rumors on google.

And i notice the price is alot higher than.what i paid for my ones.

If i buy a Jetson mate do i need to take the gpu out of the board

I didn’t hear that’s discontinued.

I don’t understand this questions, what does this mean?

If you buy a third party carrier board without a module, then you need a module of your own. If you buy a module with a Nano already installed, then whatever software is out there is still available (just not getting updates). Dev kits always have a module plus carrier board. Commercial units are often available as just a carrier board, but are sometimes also available with the module…you’d have to ask the supplier if it has both. FYI, it isn’t a GPU, it is the entire “system on a module” (SoM). The carrier board has power delivery content, I/O connectors, so on, but the part which plugs in is an entire computer, not a GPU and not a CPU.

I have no knowledge of availability or prices, but no doubt newer tech is more expensive, and the Nano is the oldest of them (at least in 64-bit). The Xavier NX is the same footprint, but far more powerful (and more expensive). The Orin NX was just announced, and no doubt is more expensive than the Xavier NX, and perhaps harder to find, but the Orin is far more powerful than the Xavier (which in turn is two generations faster than the Nano; three generations ahead the Orin is far beyond the Nano in abilities).

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