Hi i'm having an issue with blank displsy on my Jetson AGX Orin Dev Kit

After boot screen display is blank. Please help, i am a newbie

At least upgrade to a newer version, please.
34.1 is way too old.

Sorry for the slow replies lately. I’ve been swamped with final exams.
i don’t know how to update because i got blank display can you give me an tutorial pls.

Use SDK Manager.

FYI, L4T is just Ubuntu with NVIDIA drivers. The latest stable L4T R35.x is what you probably want. L4T R36.x is newer and you might want to examine it, but most of the time you’d want the latest R35.x unless you have specific purposes. Pick the documentation and downloads for your L4T release here:

The JetPack/SDK Manager release is just installer software, and usually has a version tied to the L4T release. Picking the L4T release will also lead to the Jetpack/SDKM download.

i’m going to flash jetson agx orin dev kit 32G
when i flash i got flash error

cause is before flash i see
Screenshot 2024-03-24 190901
after i click flash
Screenshot 2024-03-24 191207

i using
-wsl ubuntu 20.04

Use a real Ubuntu host PC.

WSL2 won’t work unless you can properly configure USB (and older WSL won’t work at all).

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