Hide top status bar in a full-screen application

Hi everyone,

I have a camera application on Jetson nano that displays live video on full screen (HDMI monitor). I do not want anything else to be visible except my application output.

The software is in C++ and uses OpenCV. It is started automatically on system startup.

That works pretty well, but sometimes the top status bar of Gnome appears on the screen. This happens, if the monitor is switched on when the application has already started.

How can I remove or hide this?

OpenCV output windows uses OPENGL and has the property WND_PROP_FULLSCREEN set (I also tried WND_PROP_TOPMOST, which didn’t change anything).

I also tried to use XLib to set _NET_WM_STATE_FULLSCREEN, which also had no effect.

Who can help?

This would need other users to check and share experience. For running gst-launch-1.0 commands, you can use nvoverlaysink or nvdrmvideosink to render in full screen. But in OpenCV, it seems the functions are widow-based and not sure how to set to full screen.

DaneLLL, thank you for the reply.
Does anybody know how to remove the top status of the desktop? Is there a setting in Gnome to hide this?

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