Hide tracker id in DS-3 shown on the b-box with label


  1. I am using deepstream test-app 2 python, I wanted to use tracker but don’t want to show tracker id on stream so please help me what should I do so that I can hide tracker id and also can use tracker.
  2. Sometime I am getting two B-Box on a single object so how to avoid that overlapping b-box and only get single box on a single object. please suggest any reference.

If tracker and osd is enabled tracking ID must be visible

Regarding question 1, deepstream-test2/deepstream_test_2.py has sample code inside registered probe function callback for every buffer at nvdsosd’s sink pad - osd_sink_pad_buffer_probe() .
A user could extract every object data for all frames in the batched buffer at this callback (use binding API - glist_get_nvds_object_meta() - refer deepstream-test1/deepstream_test_1.py - osd_sink_pad_buffer_probe() for this).
Once procure an obj_meta (which is one detected object), U could change obj_meta.text_params.display_text (it will already have tracker ID - but we can programmatically remove this).

For question two, could U share ur config files ? R U set pgie config group-threshold to 1 in your config file. If already set this config then you can tune the clustering with eps