High CPU usage on argus sample

I’m using one CSI MIPI camera - IMX265 with 2048x1536@30fps on Jetson Xavier NX.
I’ve been testing ISP on argus camera application sample that comes with Jetson Multimedia. While the camera is holding still, fps is stable and %CPU is around 28% used by nvargus-daemon. Measured using top and Jetson clock is enabled.

When moving the camera dynamically around a room with different brightness (from bright to dark scene and vice versa), %CPU has spikes above 100% (Irix mode on) and stuttering/frame drop appears. If I enable AE lock, stuttering is not appearing.

I was wondering if AE/AWB algorithm is processing entirely on SW so %CPU usage is rising?

Any suggestion how to avoid stuttering will be appreciated.

Sorry for the late response, is this still an issue to support? Thanks

Looks like it could be the AE hunting issue. You can try to fix the sensor gain or exposure in a range to narrow which one and what range have the stuttering and check the sensor CID function.

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