High CPU usage on xorg when the external monitor is plugged in

I have tested the new drivers (525.53) and can confirm. The problem is still there.


Can’t wait to get the fix. I will plan to migrate on a Mac environment, I will sell this gaming laptop the only works with Windows it’s just suck for software development couldn’t install Linux on it it has a bunch of terrible bugs like screen tearing, Nvidia takes too much power on idle, the machine is too hot compared to windows and anohter hidden bugs that I haven’t figured out yet.
This is probably my last day to see you guys, I give up.
Bye Linux, Nvidia, Gaming laptop. Nice to have you accompany me for the last decades.

Same issue. Gigabyte Aero 16 YE5. External display connected to a display port directly connected to the dGPU.

We were able to root caused the issue and fix is incorporated for future release driver.
Shall communicate further once driver is released publicly.


Great job. Thank you!

I have tested the latest “production branch release” drivers(525.60.11). For me the issue still exists.
Hopefully it won’t take too long before the integrated fix is released.