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I would like to ask recommendation for the solution to get at least 100 or 120 FPS - could you please recommend camera models? I need to detect defects on white wooden detail, where I make pictures in 10-20cm range.

At the moment I have IMX217 and IMX477 and i think those aren’t right cameras for my application. With editing device tree i could get up and running one IMX477 with 100FPS but not with 4 cameras (i belive its csi line speed problem). So, i belive i need NETWORK cameras or USB3 cameras (USB2 bandwith doesnt allow 4).

Please give suggestions which are good cameras to use for higher FPS and closer capturing! Please :)

For example if i make 60FPS picture with low exposure time, then IMX sensor doesnt show too good picture, even if used external additional lights.

Thnx for your help,


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hello raul.orav,

is it beyond the maximum bandwidth?
the max CSI bandwidth is 2.5 Gbps per lane.

you may also follow CSI data rate calculation formula to evaluate the bandwidth feasibility.
please also include 15% protocol overhead to be considered for CSI data rate calculation.
here’s an example for 4K@60-fps CSI data rate, 3840x2160@60-fps,10-bit
CSI data rate = 3840 * 2160 * 60 * 10 * 1.15 (15% protocol overhead) = 5723136000 ~= 5.723 Gbps.
assume it’s using DPHY, only x4 lane configuration is capable.

may I know how many cameras you’re going to used?
you may also contact with Jetson Camera Partners for your camera solutions.

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