High pitched noise under GTX load? Coming from the card, sounds like a UHT?

Hello again,

Strange thing I thought I’d ask here - when I am pushing the cards really hard, I get a very high pitched noise eminating from the cards themselves - it sounds like a UHT (like when someone turns on a CRT is the best approximation).

All the GTX-8800’s do it here and it’s getting to be annoying - although it only happens when they’re running the engine code hard (500+ threads) and lots of memory access.

Anyone else come across this? Is it normal? Is there a fix - it’s grating on my nerves after 3 days?!



i get that, i found that it clicks quietly for every fram it renders, i can tell because if i play crysis at dx10 max when the framerate drops i can hear it click with each frame rendered. the only solution is to turn your music up :P or get a silent case.

Is it actually your GPU making the noise, or rather your power supply? Eons ago when I was a graduate student, I could hear my code running on an old Sun 4/110, but what I was hearing was some component in the power supply making a high pitched noise. It was funny because the sound was distinctively related to which phase of the calculation the code was in, I could listen and tell how far along the code had gotten by the sound. I have a couple machines that make similar noises now, though I haven’t checked, it seems likely that these are noises coming from the PSU components as well.


You should try an MRI machine ;) I have heard a composition that someone programmed for it :)

I’ve heard of cards and motherboards themselves making noise, the first generation of 8800GTX had this problem afaik. It was a high pitched shriek of the capacitors, and can very well be your problem.