High Speed Data Out


I have let’s say some 6-7 GMSL cameras connected to Orin. I would like to take data out of orin at a very high data through put rate of approx 24Gbps. What would be the best solution? Can any interface presently help me with this requirement?

The data through put is fixed it depend on the NVCSI/VI/ISP clocks.
If you what high frame rate you can lower the sensor output size.

Hi @ShaneCCC ,

I think you didn’t get my question. I am ok with the frames coming in from 6-7 GMSL cameras. Now i wish to pump them out of Orin into a storage device. My current data bandwidth is around 26Gbps which is all camera raw frames together. What interfaces would you recommend me to use from drive Orin to pump this data out? Any ideas are highly appreciated.


Sorry I don’t have idea for that. I am not sure if any storage able to handle that.

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