High User Density VDI recommendations

I’m soon going to be refreshing our VDI infrastructure and one of the items on our wish list is to include GPU in the new hardware to allow us to offload Blast Extreme encoding & have vGPU available for users.

We run around 500 powered on VM’s, although only about 180 active sessions at any time.

The M10 cards appear to be marketed as the best option for high user density applications, however i’m not sure about the h.264 streams (is the figure of 28 1080p30 per GPU? or for the whole card?) being sufficient, does it support h.265 (as offered in newer Blast Extreme versions) at all? and also the fact the card is getting quite old now (GM107 being 5 years old now)…

Surely there is a replacement ‘current gen’ multi-gpu tesla card coming soon?

M10 does not support H.265. It is still the best board from a price/performance perspective. If you need a newer board with support for H.265 you should look at 2xT4 instead of M10.