Highlights recorded video choppy

first off, I am not sure in which category to post this, so hopefully someone can move it, if there’s a better place to ask this.

We’re using nVidia Highlights plugin (NVIDIA Highlights | NVIDIA Developer) to record a certain cutscene in our product configurator. The problem is that the video recording saved on the disk is really choppy (on multiple computers) even when the application is not. I.e. the output on the screen while recording the video is OK, but the resulting video contains huge freezes. So far I haven’t been able to figure out any rule as to when the “jumps” appear, but usually, it’s more lagy at the beginning of the recording and it gets better as the time progresses.

We have very fast SSDs (Samsung 970 Evo nvme drive) so that shouldn’t really be a problem.

Also we’ve used this plugin (with a different product) succesfully several years ago, on the same HW and back then there was no issue with that.

I surprises me how little I was able to find on the problem. There were some people complaining it happens since certain versions of GeForce Experience, but I don’t really know. Obviously we cannot force our customers to install 3 years old GeForce Experience.

Our HW specs (multiple instances tried):
GTX 1080 (460.79 and few others before that)
various fast SSDs

Also, on the same HW, I tried to record a sequence from Unreal Tournament (Free to Play on Epic Games) and it is laggy two while, again, the screen output when recording is 100% smooth. So obviously it’s not a problem in our SW.

Any suggestions or ideas?