HIL Simulation : Interface Nvidia Tegra TK1 to Simulink matlab ?

I have simulink model on a pc and would like to be able to push data to and receive data from an nvidia tegra tk1. The nvidia board has a camera and will be doing image analysis. Simulink will issue commands and the nvidida board will respond with the image analysis results.

  1. Can someone give a breakdown of the easiest ways to interface the nvidia tegra tk1 board to simulink?

  2. Are there any good code examples of people interfacing the nvidia tegra tk1 to simulink or some other desktop IDE for Hardware in the Loop Simulation ?



Hi JH, given that Simulink is running on the PC, it would seem logical to have a Ethernet connection between the PC and Jetson and exchange the data over gigabit LAN.

Simulink does appear to support TCP/IP communication using sockets. MATLAB examples are included on the page linked to above for opening the socket and reading/writing data (similar to how it would be done with a file). On the Linux side running on Jetson, a typical Linux sockets program would be written, of which there are many tutorials available online and convenient wrappers as well.