[Hint]Installation Problems (on Non-English Windows)

Hello everyone!

If you run into an error during the Visual Studio Plugin installation while on a Non-English Windows, it might be caused by the lack of a "Users" user group on your system.
For example in the German Windows that group is called "Benutzer".

You can simply create a new user group and add your account there. Then the installation should work.

To be sure everything gets installed properly, you should make sure the folder you install the package in is empty and after a successful installation you should reboot, as some registry keys might be missing. On my machine they got added after a reboot.

Hope this little writeup saves other people’s time.

thanks for the tip - we’re uploading the bits that fix this problem today!

Well, a month has passed, where the update?

Sadly the update wasn’t out last friday when I installed the package on my Laptop.

Nevertheless, the fix still works.


my bad . . . still working through some issues to get it posted