I am not a developer. But I’m reaching out to developers at nvidia with a goal to achieve something great that I’m surprised to have not yet seen with the rise of AI, machine learning, and deep learning capabilities. With these tools at hand, and with the time they have now been around us, I still have yet to see this goal i have happen, and cannot find a project underway to achieve it as of yet. I would like to see these capabilities put to use to scan the archives of the Vatican, and any other relevant libraries of historical knowledge, including as many ancient texts and tablets as possible, and to then have AI translate every page, and then to also compile every story and give us an extensive and highly accurate view of history and inform us of things not yet even discovered that might be important to the world, such as possibly even things that would explain the ancient world, like the pyramids for instance? Or mega structures around the world? Can we do this? It would be wonderful to put end to so much mysticism in the world and finally establish the truth.

Hi @karldotcom,
TensorRT is more for optimizing trained models and doesn’t deal with model training and dataset creation.