Hiwonder JetMax JETSON NANO Robot Arm


I bought a “Hiwonder JetMax JETSON NANO Robot Arm” (Hiwonder JetMax JETSON NANO Robot Arm ROS Open source Vision Recogniti).
I want to see the camera image from my Matlab.
The code is :
jetson_objet = jetson(‘’ ,‘hiwonder’,‘hiwonder’);
camera_objet = camera(jetson_objet,“USB 2.0 PC Cam”,[640 480]);

I get the following error message :
Error using nvidiaio.internal.camera/open
Camera busy, unable to open the requested camera.

Does anyone know how to solve the problem?
Thank you.

We don’t have expereicne with this JetMx Robot Arm, may other developers help to provide suggestions.

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