HMD support

Which HMD´s are you supporting? I have tried Oculus Quest and I guess Vive works “out of the box” as well. But how would it work with Varjo for instance, or others?

Hello @Jack_Jensen! Thanks for your interest in our XR tech! I reached out to the development team for more information. I will get back to you as soon as I hear back!

Hey @Jack_Jensen, there are a few different Varjo headsets with differing rendering paths, was there a particular model you’re hoping to use?

This initial release has been tested only with SteamVR, so if a headset uses SteamVR our hope is that it should work out of the box.

Thank you @mbickley! I wanted to also share this information I received from the development team regarding this:

We currently support SteamVR which supports several headsets. Regarding Varjo, it hasn’t been tested yet so we don’t know if it works, but this is something that we are looking into in the near future.

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Sorry for late response.

I thought about the Varjo Aero mainly. Do you know about the support for that one? Have you or anyone tried it?

I know it support SteamVR, so it should work, but it is a bit expensive so I would like to know for sure before I order one.

Hey @Jack_Jensen , nobody on our team has one either, I might pop over to our Discord and ask there, and if we manage to test one I’ll follow up.

Can you please specify the compatibility with the Oculus Rift S?
Thank you

On the Varjo XR1 I have here the basic vr headset functionality is supported but not the passthrough features.