Holosan SDK Question

I want to convert the output tensor stream to mp4 format, how should I do it?

Hello! There may be two points of interest.

You could see this application where it uses H.264 elementary stream from endoscopy sample data as input and the output of the pipeline is again recorded to a H.264 elementary stream on the disk holohub/applications/h264_endoscopy_tool_tracking at main · nvidia-holoscan/holohub · GitHub

You could also see the application holohub/applications/endoscopy_tool_tracking at main · nvidia-holoscan/holohub · GitHub documented here Holoscan Sample Applications - NVIDIA Docs for the use of Video Stream Recorder, which will record to the tensor format. After saving to tensor format, you can modify the script holoscan-sdk/convert_video_to_gxf_entities.py at main · nvidia-holoscan/holoscan-sdk · GitHub to convert a tensor entity to mp4 format. (This script is originally designed for converting a mp4 to a tensor entity for being streamed in the video replayer) The modification is coming soon to the future releases.