HoloViz output to web-based app via RTSP


We would like to embed the HoloViz video in a light weight web-based application. The result could to look like demo but in real-time.

First off all, do you think a browser-based visualization approach like that is possible without significant loss in performance and latency (without constraining our real-time requirement)?

I thought about streaming our holoviz video (using ffmpeg or gstreamer) to a rtsp-server and embedding the stream in our frontend. What could be some useful frameworks for that?

What could be an alternative (web-based or not web-based) for building more complex guis around the holoviz video?

Maybe you can give us some general ideas on how to proceed with our application. Thanks.

Hello, we have two unreleased Holoscan operators that receive/send data over WebSockets. Checking with the team on some pointers on how to build an operator that encode/decodes a WebRTC stream as well as the estimate timeline for those two operators to be pushed to Holohub.

Very nice to hear that WebSockets will be supportet in future releases.

What would be your framework of choice to build complex guis and how would you embed the holoviz video in that?

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