@HomeDatacentre for developers

I read this about creating your own supercomputer at home but it looks a little outdated. Is there an update?


Also I wonder if it is possible to create a Home NVidia Grid for Application development? This is my use case:

  • I'm an Web/Application/systems developer I run a home machine, I run different Windows Clients, Windows Servers and Linux Servers running Development platforms, 4 flavors of Database, mail servers etc. This all takes an amount of space and electricity.

I would like to essentially run a home NVidia Grid to make use of my Tesla graphics card and execute all these workloads accordingly.

Is this possible/feasible? I think it is but can’t find a lot of info.

I could see this as a great tool for multiple Web/Application/systems developers out there who want to reduce their costs but maintain full home control (i.e not in the cloud)

Thoughts and advice welcome please,

Thanks and regards

Unfortunately I don’t really understand what you are going to achieve. What is the intention for running Nvidia GRID in this case? For sure this is always possible but I’m missing the justification in this scenario to do so. Please give me a few more details to better understand your use case.



Hi Simon,

thanks for getting back. I’m a techie and like to play…that should be enough shouldn’t it? :) but maybe not.

Simple enough really I want control of my whole environment, not in the cloud and having in the region of 10-15 computers running at any one time is frankly annoying.

It would be great to use the power of the Tesla to virtualize as many of these machines as possible without having to resort to paying for it outside, I mean I already have a power GPU why not use it?

As I say - it would be great to have a fully encased-mini-datacenter to myself. Every developers dream.

As it is today I run 5 Linux and 7 Windows servers, 4 different databases, email and web services running with 24TB of NAS.

Using the power of NVidia grid would allow me to reduce my footprint considerably without, hopefully too much cost.

For example a grid that allowed say 10-15 VM’s would be a great development platform…for any developer. And possibly a nice little earner for NVidia.

Not sure if I’ve answered the question, but it would be a great toy for developers :)


PS I’ve ticked the “Receive email notifications when someone replies to this topic” but it doesn’t seem to work, I don’t get any emails…on second thoughts ignore that - Check SPAM first!!

Hi Sean,

sounds reasonable :).
For GRID there are different starting points. I would recommend to have a look at:
and check the Quick Start Guide. You need to know that it requires to have certified hardware to run the Tesla boards so check here:
In addition you will need GRID licenses depending on VDI or RDSH use case. But testing you get a 90day trial as soon as you create an account with nvidia.com/grideval.

Hope that helps for the beginning.

Best regards