Horizon 7.9 Windows 10 freezing

Hope I am in the right forum for this.

My environment is Horizon 7.9, Vsphere 6.7, Nvidia Tesla M10, GPU Driver v 431.02 on a Windows 10 1903 desktop (Windows 1809 does the same) and when I log in using HTML or Client I get a desktop and as soon as a license for the GPU is received, the desktop completely freezes.
The Master image does not have this issue. Only the Instant Clones.

Thanks in advance.

I have exactly the same issue. Could you resolve it?


Check @vdiguywi’s solution at https://gridforums.nvidia.com/default/topic/9657/nvidia-virtual-gpu-technology/vdi-machines-with-nvidia-tesla-t4-profile-are-stuck-when-using-horizon-client/?offset=10#15490