Horizon View with Tegra K1

Hello, I just want to ask, if there is any performance increase in horizon view if I run it on a chromebook with a tegra k1 chip?
I ask this is because nvidia says that in the tegra k1 is some special hardware for decoding the blast stream to make the experience as smooth as possible. Or is there no performance increase compared to a non chrome os based notebook which just uses the client software(PCOIP) instead of the blast protocol(browser)?

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Hi Joe,

The TK1 powered Chromebooks do have the capability to undertake hardware decode of the BLAST protocol when encoded in h264, and this has been jointly demonstrated by NVIDIA, VMware & Google (see video below).

For HTML access (BLAST) you can utilise hardware acceleration in Chrome,

For confirmation of whether this already takes advantage of the extended capabilities of the TK1 I would ask for confirmation from VMware as I’ve not seen this published yet.

How about thin clients or zero clients that use the Tegra K1 chip?

Thank you

I don’t know of any TK1 based Android thin clients, so I don’t have anything to reference I’m afraid.