Horizon, windows 10, EVC and GPUs - Adding newer generation of processors and GPUs.

Hello, Just wondering if there is any guidance on preventing problems with adding new host with newer generation of GPU, RAM and processors to a existing cluster? Do you loose vmotion capabilities?


Different CPUs are fine as you can use EVC, however you may lose features and functionality of the new CPUs until other Servers are upgraded / replaced with the same CPUs. RAM doesn’t make any difference.

Different GPUs can exist in the same Cluster, however you can’t vMotion between different GPUs. So you can’t vMotion from a T4 to a RTX 6000 for example.

Best way to handle that, is either start a new Cluster with the newer Server hardware and gradually build that out, that way you maintain the full feature set of all components and can vMotion between Servers. Or, you can gradually replace the Servers in your existing Cluster, however until all Servers are the same specs, you won’t be able to use all the features and functionality.