Host compatibility for software install

I am getting started with two xavier agx dev machines and having trouble with the initial/full software stack install from SDK. Specifically I am wondering if there are any compatibility requirements between the host install machine and the xavier agx machines. I grabbed an old PC that was an extra to use as a dedicated Jetson Xavier AGX install machine however it has an older nvidia k620 graphics card and it is attached to two (2x) 1280x1024 monitors.

Is the base/host system in any way a limiting factor for software on the xavier agx? I am also looking to do a headless install (no monitors/desktop UI on the xavier agx). Is there an available headless software image for this machine?

I am using Jetpack 4.6 rev.3 and have been unable to install many of the Jetson SDK components.

I should also note that I have set the Jetson to install to nvme device and NOT the default emmc drivespace.


The host PC does not need any particular video card if it is only installing to the Jetson. SDKM does have options though for installing software on the host PC itself, and those won’t be possible if the host PC does not have a GPU which supports the related CUDA software. Just uncheck any install to host PC and you can flash and install to the Jetson itself.

Do note that you can uncheck everything except flash to flash (in recovery mode) without picking components. Later, after you’ve had the Jetson set up the way you like, you could then run SDKM again to install components only (just uncheck flash and don’t use recovery mode).

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