Host heap memory leak in cuDSS

Hi, I’ve been doing some testing with cudss and I believe I’ve found a memory leak on the host heap. I made a function called solveSimpleSystem() which uses cudss and called it three times. Using the visual studio profiler, I can see a steady increase in heap memory usage after each call of this function.
The first large increase it to be expected as the library sets everything up for the first time, but I would expect the subsequent calls to have no increase on the heap memory. In my function I’ve used cudssMatrixDestroy() cudaFree(), cudssDataDestroy(), cudssConfigDestroy(), cudssDestory(), and cudaStreamDestroy() on the relevant data to free everything. I’ve attached the solveSimpleSystem() function to this post. If someone could let me know if I’ve made a mistake or if this is a genuine issue with cudss, that would be great, thanks.
MemoryLeakExample.txt (3.3 KB)


Thanks for reporting the issue!
I confirm the issue, it’s something we should fix on our end, the fix will be available in the next release.


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