Host PC doesnt recognise device(Jetson Orin NX 16G) USB problem

Hello. After flashing chosing for device storage NVMe (i’m using SSD) . It succesfully flashed, but after that want install packages to device ,but it doesnt see device anymore(says it’s not connected to PC. I’ve checked also on different PC it’s not reading. Power on this device and run lbusb it says it has USB. What i shoul do?

So you mean you want to install JetPack with SDK Manager after L4T installation is done, but SDK Manager does not find your device? Can you capture the log or take a screenshot here?

Also, you do not necessarily need a host PC to install JetPack components, just run sudo apt install nvidia-jetpack on your device.

yes,i’ve tried install Jetpack throw SDK,after flashing it was process installing jetpack to device,but it stopped reading usb(device). But thanks for sudo command,i’ll try this for solve project requirement .

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