Host PC issue

Hi Nvidia team,
I have a drive issue on my jetson xavier device, I don’t have a ubuntu PC, can I use Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) in Windows 10 as the host pc?
This is an inbuilt ubuntu system in Windows 10 that can be used. I am not sure whether it is regarded as the VM.

For trial purpose you may try to install SDKManager in the inbuilt Ubuntu and check if it can flash the Xavier. But it is not a verified environment, and may not work properly.

For further development, we would suggest have a host PC with Ubuntu.

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I don’t think it will work. I say this because WSL does not have a true Linux kernel, and it appears that WSL most likely cannot support loopback devices. Loopback is mandatory for creating partition content from the host PC (and the filesystem type would have to be ext4, you could not run this successfully on NTFS). WSL is not a VM, but is instead an emulator.

Note that a VM contains an actual Linux kernel. Although VMs are not technically supported due to each VM having its own way of setting up USB (and USB repeatedly disconnects and reconnects during a flash), if you have the patience to learn the VM’s USB setup, you can probably make a VM work (just make sure you have a lot of spare disk space…at least 50GB after the o/s is installed on an ext4 partition).

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