Host SDK for Nvidia JETSON AGX ORIN Developer kit

Hi I’m currently working in NVIDIA JETSON AGX ORIN Developer kit.

Can Anyone let me know how to build Bootloader, Rootfs and Kernel in one place. Is there any Host side SDK available from NVIDIA. Please let me know.

Host PC: Ubuntu 22.0

I cannot answer, but you might find it useful to know that the bare metal compiles (not linking to any other software, including kernel and bootloader) can simply be cross compiled. It is possible though that the compile environment (including compiler) might differ for bootloader versus kernel (it is a UEFI build which is a different environment than what the kernel inherits on load). The rest of the “sysroot” in the rootfs is user space. In order to build that on another platform you must have the entire arm64/aarch64 linker and library setup present to link against, so this is not an easy task.

You will find that most cross compile vendors support a very limited mandatory subset of the linking environment (the sysroot). You can use a cross linker and install all of the linking content via a loopback mounted raw clone of the rootfs, and point the linking to that filesystem. Provided your Orin has 100% of all of the linking and related content to build an entire rootfs on it, then so too would the clone have this. This is not trivial, but if you can do something like mount an external drive on an AGX Orin (this is going to take a lot of space), and practice building the sysroot (rootfs) from the Orin, adding in missing tools and libraries as they occur, then you stand a chance of using a loopback mounted raw clone of that as the sysroot when building the user space on a host PC with cross compile.

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