Hosting RedHat Derivative on Jetson AGX Xavier

Hi, has anyone attempted to load a different operating system besides the NVIDIA L4T onto the Jetson? My organization does most (if not all) of their development in CentOS 7 and then deploy the build products (via rpm of course) to an embedded target running RedHawk. Has anyone any experience in trying to host other OS onto the devkit? I know the easy and probably right answer is: “Just switch to Ubuntu…” but these people are married to their RedHat. Any friendly suggestions would be most welcome. Also, currently, nothing that we’ve developed are for GPU, all traditional CPU algos, highly serialized. Thanks.

I can’t help much, but the following information might help.

NVIDIA provides a binary GPU driver which loads into the X server. This is what makes CUDA and hardware acceleration possible. Because this is binary-only, it implies that you can retain CUDA and hardware acceleration only if you use the version of the X server provided by NVIDIA for Ubuntu. Other versions would not be able to load the driver. On a working system with Ubuntu you can run this command to get an idea of what X server is mandatory:
grep 'ABI' /var/log/Xorg.0.log

dpkg -l | grep 'xserver-xorg-core'

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Hi pmkruchko,

I will recommend to contact Redhat. Redhat is engaged with some Jetson customers whos long term plan is for Redhat on Jetson. Redhat can guide you accordingly