How about a separate cuda-gdb topic in the forum?

Would it be better if cuda-gdb was a separate forum topic on the cuda developer forums, like some of the other cuda tools?
It could serve as a conduit for feature requests, bug reports and general usage info. Please leave a comment if you agree.
How useful do people find cuda-gdb as a debugging tool? I find it invaluable :smile:

I don’t think many folks use cuda-gdb… I guess, we are all waiting for it to mature… Don’t know how much nVidia is interested in this exercise. But, makes sense to have a separate cuda-gdb topic for sure…

What?! It is an invaluable tool, why would people not use it? It has been mature for a long time now, and Nvidia has lots of folks working on cuda-gdb explicitly.

Do you have any example where cuda-gdb was unusable because of bugs/missing features?