How AGX xavier debug uart can only use uart3

Hi everyone
I found that uart3 is the console during the initial boot, and uart1 is the console after the image is booted. I want to change it to only use uart3 as the console, because the hardware has no uart1 interface.
please give me some advice,best wishes!

hello zhangxiaodong ,

you’ll need to update board configuration file to change the debug console,
please also refer to Topic 54744 for an example,

Hi JerryChang
Thanks for your reply,the topic you send is base on tx2 28.x.But I’m working on xavier R32.4.3.some cfg file doesn’t have.

hello zhangxiaodong ,

you may also refer to Topic 122047,
please modify cfg file as below to do the trick for disabling UART logs.
for example,

enable_combined_uart = 0;
spe_uart_instance = 0xff;

you may looking for kernel init messages, $ dmesg | grep -i THS
and please compare it with $L4T_Sources/r32.5/Linux_for_Tegra/source/public/hardware/nvidia/soc/t19x/kernel-dts/tegra194-soc/tegra194-soc-uart.dtsi
you should program it to output logs to uart3, uartc: serial@c280000 {...}.
there’s also pinmux cfg you should check for reference, uart3_tx_pcc5, and uart3_rx_pcc6.

use follow cmmand can disable the uart1? how can I use uart3 to show the kernel starting log.
enable_combined_uart = 0;
spe_uart_instance = 0xff;

how to program the dts as you mentioned the step:
“should program it to output logs to uart3, uartc: serial@c280000 {…}”

hello zhangxiaodong,

please check your kernel message for confirmation uart mapping to which ttyTHS,
then, modify the bootargs to assign the destination.
for example, bootargs =“console=ttyTHS2,115200”;
you should access Jetson AGX Xavier OEM Product Design Guide, and refer to [Jetson AGX Xavier UART Pin Description] to have correct signal connection.