How and when OVS translate rules to tc-flower in ConnectX-5?

I have created 2 VFs and attached the VMs respectively. Created 4 tables in OVS and injected the rules in each table. The rules are related to Vlan push/pop and redirect the packet from one VF to another.

I didn’t see any rule offloaded to tc-flower. All the rules are working in OVS environment. But I added the action=normal in table 0, then it offloaded the rules to tc-flower but the rules are decided by the OVS itself. The rules are matched to the ones which i have configured in OVS manually.

Moreover, Did Mlnx CX-5 support multiple tables/chains/groups in hardware for tc-flower and DPDK?

hi Farhat

I think you can check the OVS code to get these answers.

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