How are Clara Train's frozen graph's used?

Is it possible to see what config JSON fields are being mapped to the model’s frozen graphs (.pb, meta, .index, …)?
This could be achived by e.g. looking into what “nvmidl.apps.train” does?

A use case would be to understand what nodes in covid19 classification model’s Densenet121 are being mapped to which values (e.g. NV_MODEL_INPUT = CT numpy array, NV_IS_TRAINING = True, …) so it’s possible to approximately reproduce the training process outside of Clara train.

I was successful in importing the frozen graph and assigning values for three placeholders “NV_MODEL_INPUT”, “NV_PLACEHOLDERDEFAULT_TRAINING”, and “NV_IS_TRAINING” but I’m still missing a few as I’m getting an error as a few other (input?) nodes are not initialized.

Thank you.