How are metrics calculated from events?

Hi all,

I’m interested in how metrics are calculated from events. Is there some reference documentation that talks about how this is done? I realize it’s GPU-specific, as different GPUs expose different event counters.

In particular, I’m interested in how the tools are able to calculate metrics like flop_count_sp_add on my GeForce GTX 560Ti (Fermi). I can’t see anything floating-point related in the available events - all I see are event counters related to instructions issued in the 2 arithmetic pipelines, which handle both integer and floating-point instructions. Do the tools insert triggers into various basic blocks in the code and then post-process to calculate individual types of instructions? Or am I completely missing something here? Thanks!

You can find the definition of those metrics from previous version of Visual profiler guide.
The remove those definition in the latest version of profiler guide.