How avoid video acceleration to be done by mesa?

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Ubuntu 20.04.4 Nvidia GT 640 driver 470.103.01.
I see an problem happenning when installing some softwares.
Some softwares use mesa software video acceleration being extremely slow.
Nvidia acceleration break when installing some dependencies.
First install the Nvidia driver.
After some softwares (WINE and etc) break Nvidia OpenGL and Vulkan acceleration.
The problem was fixed reinstalling the Nvidia driver.

I see in mesa dependencies files names about Intel, Nouveau and Radeon. Not any files named Nvidia.
Is how if Nvidia not allow Mesa drivers accessing Geforce video cards ?
If Mesa drivers are only related for OpenGL and Vulkan acceleration to video cards not having video API drivers and Nvidia drivers does the same work the correct is avoid install Mesa drivers ?
Have replies saying in same system is possible have Nvidia and Mesa drivers, but when installing some softwares dependencies break Nvidia acceleration files.

Possibly is an configuration file about what device to use acceleration.
Is possible avoid that problem happen again ?
What is the file configuration about video acceleration ?

If the problem is fixed only restoring the previous configuration file (Nvidia ICD ?) where is that file ?

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Please run as root and attach the resulting nvidia-bug-report.log.gz file to your post.


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That problem is happening recently when installing some softwares related with Mesa.
In Mesa dependecies have naming Intel, Radeon and Nouveau, but not files named Nvidia.

Is how if Mesa are OpenGL and Vulkan drivers not use any Nvidia video card acceleration.
Thus look how not need install Mesa because Nvidia drivers have own OpenGL and Vulkan drivers, but some softwares need Mesa installed in system and when are installed begin the mess and problems.
Not is simple figure where is the configuration file to set Nvidia to be the main API accelerator.
When happen that problem reinstalling Nvidia drivers fix it being how reset the configuration files.

I only want avoid reinstall Nvidia drivers if that problem happen again.

If Nvidia not allow Mesa accessing Geforce video cards I respect the Nvidia choice.
Seeing in Nvidia forums have several topics about users having problems with softwares not using video card and suspend errors.
Both errors are more related with computer BIOS (memory frequency settings or etc) and Mesa and thus does much problems with users demanding Nvidia to fix being not related with Nvidia.

You known what is the file configuration used to point what video device to use acceleration ? If yes having an copy for backup is an big chance of simple fix if that problem happen again.

I recommend Nvidia forums administrator to create and main topic about solutions about system not having video acceleration with tips about how fix it. That save an big time for users.

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