How can check if CSI pin sequence is the same definition with Rpi3B+?

Hi, currently I’m trying to connect Rapsberry Pi to Jetson Orin Nano.

But right now, I need to check if the pin definition is the same. So I have check below documentation:

But I can’t know the pin sequence here.

And I’m also aware of Jetson Orin Nano and Raspberry Pi cameras

Is that mean the pin defition and sequence is the same, which mean I can connect raspberry pi camera to Jeston Orin Nano.

You can get the pin mapping of 40-pin header in the carrier board spec, Jetson Orin Nano Developer Kit Carrier Board Specification

I mean Camera IF, MIPI-CSI pin orders. Does these two board(Raspberry Pi3B+/Jetson Orin Nano) have the same IF definition and pin order?

You can also get the pin mapping of camera connector in the spec.

Yes, I did check specs, both Rpi and Jetson Orin.

Rpi3B+ is much more clear to me.

Compared with Jetson Orin spec: (I don’t know how to compare along with those pin no.)

Yours are module connector. Why don’t you use below table of camera connector in Jetson Orin Nano Developer Kit Carrier Board Specification?

Thanks for the link. I didn’t find this.

And one more thing, I have a 15pin to 22pin cable along with the Jetson Orin Nano dev kit. Where can I get this cable 15pin to 22pin map?

No such mapping for the cable. You should be able to use it directly if it is along with devkit.

NO. NVIDIA DOES have this spec. Check NVIDIA “CSI CAM connectors”

EDIT: Why pin1 is 3V3 on Jetson Orin Nano end, but RPi Cam pin1 is GND.
EDIT2: we have the same question here: Jetson Orin Nano Developer Kit MIPI CSI-2 Pinout

22pins are reversed, just check the last and first pin.

What do you mean here? Why do you think it should fit “Rapsberry Pi” mapping? We had provided the pin mapping of J20 of Jetson Orin Nano. Customer should be able to use that for any external connection.

I think we should follow MIPI CSI2 connector standard.
Since I don’t have MIPI CSI2 spec, which might be requie membership. But right now, we are confused by RPiCame IF and Jetson CAM IF, which should be the same pin order as MIPI CSI2.

From those above documentation, I don’t know if we can use Raspbeery Pi Camera on this platform? But logically, I think it should be compatitble in hardware IF definition, consistent with MIPI CSI2 IF.

I don’t think there is “connector standard”. As said, we had provided the pin mapping of J20. All customers can make custom design or use for external device based on that.

I can’t download MIPI-CSI2 documents, which requires membership.

As we are asking if we can use RPi CAM.
If there is no such connector standard, then it is apparently we have to know the pin order of the connector of a) or b).
a) 15-to-22pin map of converting cable
b) IMX219 pin order, which comes with dev kit

Currently, I don’t have either of the above pin oder definition.

Can you share a photo of the cable and IMX219 board? Are they from NV devkit or 3rd-party?

Sure, why not!

Well, I just brought from this taobao link. Everything is from the package.
And I have did ask them about the pin order of the cable or IMX219.
I think they are just selling the products.

BTW, My set of devkit (the jetson module and carrier board) are all from Jetson.

EDIT: There are a couple of feedbacks on RPI camera

The cable is not of NV devkit, we don’t have pin mapping of it. You should check with vendor for that.

You can also refer to this link for more detail: Jetson Orin Nano Developer Kit User Guide - How-to | NVIDIA Developer

And the FPC is here.

From the above discussion, and link your provide. I think I have found the answer.

Thank you very much for your full support and assistance. Thank you!


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