How can config the Jetson TX1 eth0 ip address?

How can config the Jetson TX1 eth0 ip address?I use jetpack 28.1

Are you asking about how to custom set the IP address during flash? Or are you asking about how to find out what IP address is being used?

The normal installation will use a DHCP from the Jetson…it is up to the router to assign the address and notify you of what address was assigned. The router can be an actual router appliance, or it can be your host PC. The chosen router will have some sort of log you can look at which will show the Jetson’s DHCP request and the address assigned as the Jetson boots.

In the case of finding the address for installing software during a flash to upgrade there is additional configuration added to the Jetson to try to do a one-time report to JetPack. If this fails (and there are a lot of conditions which might make this automatic reporting fail), or if you are using JetPack at some later date without doing an actual flash (such as adding optional packages), then you can enter this address manually (the automatic mechanism won’t work except after a flash, although perhaps there are other ways things might work out correctly without trying).

It sounds like you need to manually find out the address. If you have a dedicated router appliance, then check the logs on the router. If your host PC is the router, then you may want to run this command (this lists all leases assigned…an address assignment is provided as a lease which expires):

grep lease /var/lib/dhcpd/dhcpd.leases

If your host is router and you have more than one device getting an address from the host, then you will likely need to look at more than one lease and know the hardware address of the relevant client.

If you want to pick what address is assigned, then that is an entirely different question :)