How can DRIVE AGX Xavier connect to the Internet by Huawei LTE Router

I have configured the Huawei LTE Router, and verified on my laptop, easily access to the Internet.

However, I connect the router to the Dual GbE Dongle of Xavier, it doesn’t work. Even! seem that the route is crashing and always restart in <30s… Xavier-A/B cannot DHCP any IP. Even though we configure static IP for Xavier, it still cannot ping, like…the router is also crashing…

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Dear GaryChan,
Is internet working when you connect LAN directly to DualGBE dongle as given in quick start guide? What is DRIVE SW version?

Yes. Currently DRIVE 9.0

Dear GaryChan,
DRIVE SW 10.0 is available in SDKManager now. Could you please check if this issue exists on DRIVE SW 10.0

No… I think that’s no relation with DRIVE SW…

Dear GaryChan,
It is looking an issue with router than with our DRIVE platform as you confirmed connecting LAN to dongle is working. Could you check with Huawei on this issue as it is crashing

Hi GaryChan,

Have you contacted with Huawei to get the support on this issue?
Any result can be shared?


No… Current I connect the route to eth0:400 (192.168.1.X) and It can work…