How can I access the Jetson's files from annother device/restore a backup

I got in a little over my head and ended up deleting a bunch of data in the /usr folder. That immediately broke a lot of stuff and Ubuntu no longer boots.

I’m using a Jetson Xavier NX with an extra SSD added to the device. I have a backup of the files on the main storage on the SSD including a backup of the /usr folder.

Is there any way to boot off a usb stick, access storage from annother device, or otherwise restore files?

I’ve tried plugging in a systemrescue USB stick but it wont boot from it.

You can clone the rootfs and mount to your host PC. and then save important data out. Please refer to the steps in:
Jetson Linux API Reference: Setting Up Cross-Platform Support

Only do the two steps:

  1. Clone the target rootfs on your Jetson board to your host system.
  2. Mount the .raw image with the following commands

After saving the important data, you can then re-flash the system.

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